Can we do Better than Meh?

For One Month. Give up your meh spending and Give Better

1. Give Up

For one month, challenge yourself to give up an area spending that feels ‘meh’ to you

2. Give Better

Donate the money you would otherwise have spent to your favourite cause

3. Better for You

A chance to pause, reflect, and reimagine our relationship to money 

4. Better for the World

Thousands of dollars redirected from ‘meh’ spending to changing the world

How it works

(1) Give Up

For one month, go without an area of’ spending that feels a bit ‘meh’ to you. Many people pick one of our four areas, but you can also choose your own. 

    Break that addiction — one month without buying coffees

    Pause your membership and try some free exercise 

    For one month, pack a lunch instead of buying out 

    Need all 3? Press pause on Hulu, Prime or Disney+

    (2) Give Better

    You’ll estimate how much you normally spend in this area each week. Then that gets set up as weekly donation to your charity of choice. 

      (3) Reflect

      At the end of each week, we help you reflect on what you’re learning, and track your answers over time. 

      (4) Community

      Learn from other people’s reflections, and (as comfortable) share your own with fellow travellers on the Give Better journey

        Tired of meh?


        We don’t enjoy that third coffee. Impulsively buy new clothes. Sign up for a gym we rarely go to. Buy a subscription we don’t use. 


        That’s our story too. 


        Give Better is not about guilt or shame but discovering a better way. Better for you. Better for the world.  The Give Better One Month Challenge has empowered others to find that better way.

        Could that be your story too?  Sign up for the next challenge begining on 1 September. 



        This One Month Challenge is not the first thing we’ve tried. Two previous experiments ultimately failed to achieve our mission: transforming ‘meh’ spending into joy and impact. We call them learning opportunities. Learn more by following the links below.

        But now we’re back to the drawing board again—and trying something new with the One Month Challenge. In Lean Startup fashion, we’re launching with something budget, low-tech, cheap. Think google forms, and awkwardly asking people to set up their own donations. But if it goes well—we’ll get it all coded up, and launch with something snazzy.


        We’d love your help 


        Have you got skills to offer? Or money to get us off the ground? Or ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at