Time to Rethink Money!

Money is complicated. We wished we saved more and gave more, but we spend more instead. Yet if we’re honest, sometimes our spending feels pretty ‘meh’. 

What if there was a better way? Better for you. Better for the world.

Give Better empowers us to transform areas of ‘meh’ spending into giving, saving and savouring the moment. 

This April,
Turn your 'meh' spending into joy and impact



Does your spending sometimes feel pretty 'meh'?

It does for us, at least!  We sign up for a gym we don’t go to, or get a subscription we don’t use. We don’t really enjoy that third coffee , or the ginger slice we bought without thinking. We feel buyer’s remorse over our latest gadget. You’ll know its ‘meh’ spending when it just doesn’t add much joy to your life. That’s all fine and good …

But why not tranform it into something better?

1 - Identify your 'meh'

Only you know what’s ‘meh’ for you. You can sometimes notice it when you pause before you purchase and ask, ‘will these new shoes truly bring me joy?’ 

But if there’s a particular area you want to focus on, why not challenge yourself to reduce or forgo for a month? Trim the gym and try free exercise. Swap out lunchtime sushi for a packed lunch. Get creative. Have fun. 

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2 - Give Better


Give Better your ‘meh’ spending by entering the amount you didn’t spend into the app.  You can do this manually. But we know you’re busy, so we’ve created some ‘quick pledges’ to save you time. 


3 - Track your Impact


The money you pledged is split between giving and saving based on your chosen ratio. Your savings stay in your account — it’s just money not spent, well done! For your giving pledge, after every $10 we automatically transfer that amount to your chosen charity. 


Instead of ‘meh’ spending, why not save for things you know will bring you joy. Your next date night. A roadtrip with friends. Or reducing financial stress by paying down your mortgage. Nice going! 

4 - Experience the Joy!


Salivate over the impact of your giving. Science tells us giving often makes us happier than spending on ourselves — so much so, you can actually detect the difference in your saliva … Intrigued? Learn more here.   



Let’s be done with mindless spending and buyer’s remorse. So you’ve paused to consider … and realised that, yep, let’s bring on that second glass of wine. Good for you. Go ahead and buy it. Savour the Moment

Charities you love

We’ve partnerned with some fantastic nonprofits working on causes that you care about. More charities joining soon!  Learn more about these epic organisations at out podcast, Contagious Kindness

Peace of mind

 We take your security seriously. Give Better uses Stripe to securely store your card details and handle all payment processing. Stripe is used by reputable organisations such as Xero, Lyft, Oxfam and Unicef. You’re in good company. 

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Savouring the Moment

Still not convinced we’re not just trying to make you feel guilty? 😉 

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