Toddlers and Goldfish crackers

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Toddlers and Goldfish crackers

I’m interrupting our three-part series of vignettes to share this cool TedTalk I just listened to. You can find it here.

 To start from the end, social psychologist, Elizabeth Dunn, concludes her talk with these words:

“Let’s stop thinking about giving as just this moral obligation and start thinking of it as a source of pleasure.”

Very cool. Here are two gems from the talk. First, even toddlers exhibit joy from giving to others, as demonstrated by an experiment she conducted giving toddlers the opportunity to give away their equivalent of gold — goldfish crackers.

The second gem is really the key idea of the talk. People truly start experiencing the joy of giving once they feel connected to the cause, or the impact of that giving. Once you’ve met a refugee family, you’re not only more likely to give to that cause, but you’ll experience greater joy from doing so.

After listening, I am left sitting with a couple of questions. First, how can Give Better best connect its participants to the cause? Second, how does this research intersect with the important work being done (especially by those in the effective altruism movement  ranking the effectiveness of different charities to ensure you get the most ‘bang for you buck‘? More on this another time. 

Back to vignette two in the next blog … stay tuned.

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