Give Better and COVID-19

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Give Better & COVID-19

 It’s been another crazy week. We’re back into lockdown — though this time, gratefully, not for quite so long. Give Better has developed from beta testing to public launch during the period between the two lockdowns. 

Which means it’s been developed in the shadow of Covid-19, propelled forward by the question: what is Give Better’s role in this new Covid-19 world? Our hope, our desire, is that Give Better will be a source of hope and inspiration in these difficult times. 

Here’s four reasons why I believe it can do just that: 

1: Inviting us to Pause 

First, while people around us are panic buying, Give Better invites us to pause, breathe, and think harder about our spending — to take the time to identify the ‘meh’ in our life. And transform it into something better. 

While finanical anxiety skyrockets, Give Better invites us to start small — small amounts of financial mindfulness that transform little bits of ‘meh’ into pockets of impact and joy. 

2: Helping us turn Outwards

Second, while this pandemic tempts us to turn inwards, Give Better prompts us to look outwards and ask ourseves whether we can’t do our bit to help communities in need. We might want to give directly to local charities fighting at the coalface. Groups like the Auckland City Mission and Youthline, addressing issues of homelessness and mental health respectively. 

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Or, just as important, we might choose to continue to support the ‘usual suspects’ — organisations we cheer for and maybe even give to in ‘normal times’, but who are feeling the brunt of the Covid-19 economic fall-out. Charities like Outward Bound come to mind, helping instill a love of the outdoors and leadership training for our young people in particular. 

3: Empowering us to Save

We now know the economic consequences of this pandemic will be severe and long-lasting. There has never been a better to save. To prepare financially. To invest for the better days which, eventually, will come again. 

4: A Story of Hope 

It’s easy to feel scared and hopeless. Many of us crave an opportunity to do so something. To feel empowered. To give back. Give Better enables us to do just that. To be part of a movement of kiwis taking a stand against ‘meh’. For in this new Covid-19 world, communities need our generosity, and we all need more joy. 

The fact is, in this season at least, ‘meh’ just won’t do. We want, and we need, something better.

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