Savouring the Moment

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Savouring the Moment

Maybe it’s just me, but I constantly need reminders to savour the moment. And that includes with my spending.

How often do I buy something without thinking? It just kinda happens. Not uncommonly I regret my spending straight after.  And sometimes, I’m don’t even enjoy what I just purchased! 

Give Better founder, Selwyn, explains Give Better’s ethos of giving

 As I said, maybe that’s just me; but I suspect it’s pretty normally, really.  I’m not saying this is wrong — it’s just, well, pretty ‘meh’. And Give Better is all about transforming the ‘meh’ into something better — better for the world, yes, but also better for you. Because here’s the thing: what if I’m missing out on the joy of the present moment?

Give Better is a movement of people learning to Give More, Save More and Savour the Moment. You’re probably familiar with the first two of this triad: we challenge ourselves to find those ‘meh’ moments in our day-to-day lives. We decide not to buy something we feel ‘meh’ about, or to get it a little cheaper. And then we repurpose the money we just freed up to giving and saving. The animation video below explains how that all works. But what has that got to do with savouring the moment? In a word — Everything

Give Better is empathetically not about about making you feel guilty: ashamed for buying that flat white when you really should have given the money to the City Mission. No: Give Better is rather an invitation to find the greatest joy you can in the present moment.

When I buy something, I want to enjoy it.  So before you tuck into that Sunday brunch, take a moment, breathe, be present — and then savour that brunch for all it’s worth! 

Or I’m iffy about the purchase — and certainly if I’ll end up regretting my decision — perhaps there’s far greater joy to be found in that moment by repurposing the money to giving to support Youthline’s work with rangatahi, and saving for a date night with my partner. And our best wisdom traditions and science both tell us that giving really goes bring us joy, certainly more than our ‘meh’ spending. Sometimes, at least, it really is happier to give than to get. 

Either way, we relish, we enjoy, we savour the moment. 

That’s why we keep on saying that Give Better is better for you and better for the world. We give more. We save more. We savour the moment. 

The thing is, money is sensitive at the best of times. When people start talking money — especially if it touches home on my spending habits — I quickly notice feelings of discomfort, guilt and shame rising to the surface. There’s no joy or fun or freedom in that. Yet Give Better is all about joy. And fun. And freedom. 

I’ll finish with the words of a Give Better hero I spoke with recently. She described Give Better as empowering

Yes, yes, yes! We turn our subconscious habits into intentional choices.  We gut the spending that isn’t bringing us joy, and we transform it into something better — for the us and for the world. 


                                                  Our ‘meh’ becomes magic. 


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