Packed Lunches Pack Punches

Published by Selwyn on

July is gonna be HUGE. 

Together, a community of 100 Give Better heroes will give $1,000 to our partner charities. 

How? The answer resides in this picture, in one delicious looking packed lunch of last night’s leftovers. Yum!

As a community, we’re challenging ourselves this month to replace our lunches out with packed lunches instead — and Give Better $10 every time we do.

(Why $10? To keep things super simple, based on our ‘rough as guts’ calculations. Our average lunch out — whether sushi, salad, or steak — is probably around $15. Minus the cost of a packed lunch, which is not going to be more than $5 and likely much cheaper, and we get 15-5 = $10.) 

Simple, yet so so powerful …. Becuase straight away, you’ll see the potential here.

Let me ask you a question: What if you could free up $100 this month from spending to giving and saving? That’s a huge amount, right? If you choose a 50:50 ratio on the app, that’s $50 saved towards your forthcoming road trip, and $50 to a really worthwhile cause like Youthline, Outward Bound, or City Mission.

But, incredibly, that goal might take only 10 packed lunches (roughly every second working day over a month). If 10 people do the same, that’s $1,000 repurposed to giving and saving by one small lifestyle change. 

That’s why we say Packed Lunches Pack Punches

Maybe 10 packed lunches is too many. That’s cool, you could try do it once or twice.  Or if you already do packed lunches 3 times a week, try 4 times a week instead. Every $10 matters: 

  • $10 means one dinner for a hungry student doing Outward Bound; 
  • $10 gives struggling rangatahi 7 minutes of free telephone time with a trained Youthline counsellor; and 
  • $10 makes one home-cooked meal at the Auckland City Mission’s community centre for some of our most vulnerable people. 

So whichever charity you support, every packed lunch packs a punch. The key thing is to give it a go … and while you’re tucking into last night’s leftovers, why not share the challenge with a friend and invite them to join you.

Then together, we can unleash a huge amount of generosity. 

Wait, before you rush off to prepare that scrumptious home-made panini, let me address two questions that I’m sure are on your mind. 

What if I already make packed lunches?
Good for you. 🙂 The Packed Lunch challenge is, of course, not the only way you can engage with Give Better. One team member has just canceled some unused subscriptions; another friend is buying small rather than medium sized coffees. I’ve just paused my audible account. You get the drift. Do what works for you.

But I’m perfectly happy with my lunches out, thank you very much.
As before, good for you. 🙂 Seriously: we’re not in the business of moralising about what you should or shouldn’t do. And even if we were, as my story shows, I’m not the person to do any moralising anyway. Give Better is about inviting us to pause before we spend and ask, ‘what will really bring the most joy’? If that entails a quick jaunt to the sushi shop down the road, then savour that sushi for all it’s worth. Other times, however, you might decide that actually it’s better for you and better for the world if your sushi becomes a homemade burger + $5 for your rent payments + $5 to your favourite charity.

So that’s the challenge: 1 month, $10 lunches, 100 heroes, $1,000 given to great causes. 

Who knew a packed lunch could pack such a punch? 

Want to get stuck in? Here’s three easy steps to get started:

  1. Join the Give Better Facebook community, and/or our event page, to keep up with what’s happening
  2. Download the app on IOS or Android
  3. Get stuck in, and invite a friend to join you!

Good luck!