Identify your ‘meh’: How to Give Better while Supporting Local

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'Identify your 'meh':

How to Give Better while supporting local!

In our animation video, we profile a few Give Better case studies, the first two of which focus on cafes and bars — two kinds of businesses which, in the current climate, are under a LOT of economic stress. Here’s the video if you haven’t yet seen it: 

Hey, love what you doing — but I want to support local right now. So should I really be giving up my camembert panini or second beer?
Concerd Give Better Supporter

It’s worth asking, therefore, can you Give Better while supporting local? The answer   is emphatically, YES! 

You see, Give Better is not anti-cafe, anti-bar, or anti-panini. We’re anti-‘meh’! We’re on a mission to remove the ‘meh’ from our lives and transform it into something better — better for you, and better for the world. 

                                          What’s this ‘meh’ spending? 

As we explain it on our website, ‘meh’ spending is any spending that just doesn’t add much joy to your life. 

Here’s some examples we give in our opening blogIt could be the membership for the gym you rarely go to. That third coffee you buy without thinking, and then barely enjoy. It’s buyer’s remorse over your latest gadget. 

But the point is: only YOU know what’s ‘meh’ for you. And if supporting your local by buying a daily coffee and camembert brings you joy, then — at least in this season of your life — it’s not ‘meh’ for you. Simple! Only one task reamins: 

                                       Buy it. Enjoy it. Savour the Moment. 

For you, maybe, your ‘meh’ might be found in the offerings of big corporations: 

  1. you might press pause on the monthly fee for the third streaming service you never really use anymore;
  2. rethink the online order of your next pair of shoes;
  3. take a bus rather than an uber
  4. use a library rather than buying from Amazon.  

Where does all that money go anyway. Dunno. But I suspect it lines the pockets of fat cats in stripy suits of course. 😉 But if it’s ‘meh’ for you, why not transfort into a tidy bit of savings, and give the rest to help kiwis in need through one of our partner charities. 

                                                       Why not do both? 

It’s also worth remembering that it’s not just cafes and bars that are struggling. So are our rangatahi suffering from increased mental health, our wahine experiencing increased family violence, our homeless community more vunlerable than ever. And covid has hit the bottomline of many of our fantastic charities as well — organisations like Outward Bound, who do fabulous work in outdoor education and leadership training, especially for our young people, need our support more than ever. 

So, hey, why not do both? Go to your local bar, buy two rounds — but if the third feels ‘meh’, Give Better to Youthline instead. Get the coffee and the slice — but if you’d be just as happy with a medium size rather than your regular large, maybe there’s greater joy in giving the difference to the Auckland City Mission instead. And of course, in the current economic climate we all need to be saving ourselves for better days as well.  

So get creative and do all three: support local & support communities in need. And while you’re at it, there’s no harm in saving a bit too.

Are you ready to get started? 


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