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The Give Better Podcast

Hi! Thanks for your interest in the Give Better podcast.

Give Better is a movement of people transforming joyless spending into joyful giving, saving, and savouring the moment. We’re currently experimenting with an app, but in January next year we are launching a podcast to begin a much larger, global conversation around moneyjoy and impact


This 1 min animatio video below explains how our app currently works, or you can see more on the homepage of our website. 


Here’s the gist: How often do we buy things we don’t want, and don’t enjoy, simply because … well, it just kind of happened? The reality is we’re bombarded by the forces of psychologically sophisticated marketing and an instant gratification culture — forces that are limiting both our joy and our impact.


Give Better is a community of people who are resolved to take back control. To spend, give, and save in a way that is truly better: Better for us. Better for the world.


  • Better for us —we experience the joys of giving, of simplicity, of learning to savour the moment; 

  • Better for the world — by spending less, we decrease our environmental and human rights ‘footprint’; and by giving more, we contribute to a tidal wave of generosity.


Give Better is inspired by my own story. I cared about the world, but never connected my passion to my wallet. I spent a lot. But I didn’t enjoy much of what I bought. And I was missing out on both joy and impact. 


Now we’re launching a podcast in January next year. 

The Give Better podcast will explore these concepts through interviews with thought-leaders on the relationships betwen money, joy and impact. The podcast is for anyone who wants to be free from the forces that hold us back from joy and impact. Free to give more, save more and savour the moment.


Here are some of the key podcast themes …. 


(1) Why do we spend more than we want to — 

There are plenty of books and podcasts giving advice on the psychology of persuasion, ie, in the realms of marketing, sales, app design, and so on. But there is far too little commentary on the implications for us — as ‘consumers’, as humans. How free are we, really? What are the implications of operating in this world? How should it change how we think about our money and our happiness? 

Our app is designed to make that chioce obvious for people … 

So often we spend mindlessly, without pausing to think. But what if we took back control, and developed skills of financial mindfulnes …  

Where we learnt to approach every spending moment as a choice: to spend, or to give and save? 

Each moment presents a question: which is better — for us, and the world? 

(2) ‘Better for Us’

How do we approach money in the way that maximises our joy? What does science and personal experience have to tell us about the joy of giving. Of saving for the more important things. Of learning to savour our purchases. Of being free from an excess of stuff.  

See how I approach some of these themes in the video above. 

(3) ‘Better for the World’

How, by spending less, we can reduce our environmental and human rights footprint. 

And how, by repurposing unsatisfying spending from our life, we can unleash huge amounts of money towards generosity to help people and planet.  


What do you say??  

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