We’re Postponing to April to Support Local

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We're postponing a month to support local business — here's why

Woohoo! We made it through lockdown! And (fingers crossed) life will return to normal again. 

But this latest lockdown was still a blow for small businesses across the country. 

It’s just not the 3 day lockdown; though that’s bad enough. The effects also linger on, as many people feel (understandably) more nervous about getting out and about. 

We want to support local business. And, frankly, it’s not a great time to be encouraging a community of people to forgo coffees, lunches out, and gym memberships! 

You can probably guess where this is heading. As a team, we’ve decided to postpone one month. The March Challenge has become an April Challenge! 

It may be a month later, but otherwise, everything is still the same:

  • One month to transform joyless spending into joyful giving.  
  • One month to forgo an area of spending.
  • One month to turn meh spending into joyful giving.
  • A one month experiment to see what truly brings us joy. 

It’s only one month. But it might just be enough to show us a better way. Better for us. Better for the world. 

In the meantime, why not Give Back your lockdown savings ....

We just had another three days without buying coffees or eating out … let’s put that money to good use! 

During the lockdowns last year, we released the Give Back campaign — encouraging people to give back their lockdown savings to one of our great partners (Auckland City Mission, Women’s Refuge, and Youthline). 

If you didn’t get around to it last year, why not check out the campaign, calculate what saved during all the lockdowns, and Give Back to help kiwis in need. 

Now, go get yourself a flatwhite and savour the moment!

Now’s a great time to support local.  Give Better isn’t about making sure we never enjoy the good things in life; to the contrary, it’s about maximising our joy and our impact – both at the same time. 

So let’s hit the gym. Grab a flatwhite. Eat those camembert paninis.

Let’s just make sure we Savour the Moment


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