July Pilot – One Month Challenge

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One Month Challenge—July Pilot

Kia ora friends, thanks for your interest in giving the One Month Challenge pilot a go. 

We want to start the Challenge in one week, on 12 July!! 

Here’s what you need to know:

What is Give Better?

If you’re new to Give Better, check out more about our Give Better Dream, and our Story so farBut if you’ve been following along, the key point is that the One Month Challenge is our latest experiment trying to find the best way to empower people to transform ‘meh’ spending into joyful giving. 

We’re called Give Better because we offer the possibility of discovering a better way. Better for the world—because ‘meh’ spending is turned into impact. But also better for you—because we become more aware, intentional, values-driven and even happier or more joyful in our relationship to money. 

What is the One Month Challenge?

Basically, it’s one month where we give up an area of spending so we can give better to our favourite cause or charity. 

Once it’s all properly set up, here’s how it will work — check it out! (Though if you’re an old hat you’ll already know the gist.)

We don’t have the tech in place yet—the pilot is all about learning and validating before we look for funding to build out the proper version. So here’s how this budget version works: 

  • you can chose any area of spending you want to give up, and any charity to give to; 
  • we’ll use google forms to imitate what the tech will eventually do – help you calculate your giving, reflect throughout the challenge, etc. You’ll receive super quick forms to fill out to get set up,  at the end of each week, and at the end of the 4 weeks. 
  • we’d love to pick your brains and get feedback throughout the challenge, so there will be feedback questions sprinkled throughout the google forms. 
  • I (Selwyn) wil liaise with you weekly on Facebook to check in, and send the latest forms. 
Money, money, money

During this budget pilot, you’ll unfortunately have to manually set up your own weekly donation to your charity/cause of choice. In the eventual product we will streamline the process of setting up weekly donations going out at the end of each week. We do it that way so that the money going out reflects the amount you’ve actually saved that week by not spending as per usual. 

That’s how we want to do it for the pilot as well. We’ll have to leave it to you to work out how to set that up with your chosen charity. 

If your charity won’t accept weekly donations, an alternative (if you’re comfortable) is to set up a weekly donation to my (Selwyn’s) account and then I can donate it all at the end and send you proof to donation as well. Whatever is easiest for you. 

Ready to begin??

If you’re ready to get going, please start by completing the onboarding form here. 

Then just begin the countdown until 12 July! 

And whatever it is you’re giving up, make sure to enjoy it a few more times before giving it up – go out and savour that final coffee! 

Any questions, get in touch on FB or sel@givebetter.nz 

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