This April,
Turn your 'meh' spending into joy and impact

1 — Choose an area of spending

 Pick from coffees, lunches out, the the gym, or a streaming service

2 — Go cold turkey for April

Challenge yourself to give up that spending for one whole month!

3 — Donate what you don't spend

We’ll help you calculate your savings and donate it instead

4 — Reflect on what brings you joy

A chance to pause, reflect, and maybe discover a better way 

Choose a

Which area feels the most ‘meh’ to you? It just doesn’t fill you with joy, or you’re unsatisfied with how much your spending. 

Break that addition with do one month without buying coffees

Pause your membership for a month, and try some free exercise! 

One month without buying out, so time to pack a lunch instead! 

Need all three? Press pause for a month on Neon, Disney+ or …

Choose a cause

Choose one of our four fantastic partner charities to support with your giving

Donate your savings

When you sign up, you’ll calculate how much you’d normally spend and to donate that amount instead

Your payment is processed securely through Stripe, a platform trusted by many large organisations like Xero. Your card details are held by Stripe, not us. 

Begin on April 1st!

Once you’ve signed up, wait until April 1st to begin. Follow the countdown on our socials!


Coming Soon …. 

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